DasDex Mail - Secure file transfer

Organizations working in a hostile digital environment requires secured medium of file transfer within its business arena.The thrust on communication and its pivotal role behind the success of any organization is similar and can thereby not be neglected. DasDex Mail enables free flow of important information between the enterprises. It supports file transfer between the business participants without creating any hindrance in its speed. Codebase Technologies through its online file transfer network ensure absolutely no loss of information. The information transferred between the enterprise and other destinations are fully transparent and remain accessible to the owner. Communication in the business world is a pre requisite for daily functioning and probably one of the important criteria which determines its success. In an environment which is challenged by several risks and is marked with cut throat competition it is vital to install a safe, ethical and speedy medium for transfer of information. Leakage of important data or any type of infestation could cause significant loss to the business. Codebase Technologies through its DasDex Mail ensure no disruption in the working of the organization. Now safety of information while keeping a complete access over it is no longer a hard fetched dream.


Members of Codebase Technologies are proficient with the science of digital world. They have adept knowledge on file transfer and overall communication which is important for the daily working of the organization. Through DasDex Mail a secured & encrypted channel is built through which information can be transferred without getting damaged or distorted. Where several other competitors are on the same floor, trying to reach to the same position, it is necessary to do something better which would help in mustering the lime light.

Success is definitely not a way out. It is the outcome of several correct way outs. The experts from Codebase Technologies help in understanding, planning and implementing those way outs which take one to success. To ensure higher returns on investment it is required to resort to specialized hands and expertise mind. Novice techniques or ideas would certainly lack the efficiency in performance and the impact of it will undoubtedly fall on the business and its prospects. The digital space is a pool of opportunities. It is one such arena which can provide immense opportunities but it is also subjected to various constraints. In order to reap the best one needs to be under the guidance of expert services.

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