Complete 360

Codebase Technologies under its Complete 360 service provide a package which would help you achieve premium digital marketing solutions. It is composite of techniques which would make web, email and instant messaging easy and economic along with bringing in fastness and simplicity in file sharing , storage and other important aspects.

The technologies used for achieving superior level of effectiveness include a combination of Clear Web, DasDrive and replaced in-house installations such as NAS and Exchange server which completely works efficiently and assures of good and measurable performance.

Enterprise Mail & Groupware

The complete enterprise email and groupware package of ClearWeb:

  • POP3 / IMAP / SMTP with Strong SSL Encryption
  • MIME and PGP encryption is supported, even in Webmail
  • Office Assistant and server-based mail filter
  • Spam and virus scanners with very high detection rate

Groupware & Messaging

Super-Exchange groupware features:

  • Share and organize address books notes, tasks, calendars and appointments
  • Numerous interfaces for groupware: ActiveSync, CalDAV, CardDAV, vCal, vCard, iCal
  • Encrypted XMPP chat with voice and image compatible with other XMPP chat and Google Hangouts

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Ready Storage with DasDrive:

  • Volumes, users and groups
  • ACL (Access Control List) for granular access
  • Snapshots and revisions of drives and files respectively.
  • Revision Secure access and edit log for each file.

Apps & Hosting

Numerous Apps and boundless resources:

  • Over 100 apps like Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, SugarCRM can be quickly and easily installed
  • Unlimited MySQL DBs, FTP, web sites, SSH accounts
  • DNS hosting included.

Flexibility In Supporting Multitudes Of Platforms

Complete360 supports all major operating systems, browsers, client emails and mobile devices:

  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.
  • Apple Mobiles: iPhone and iPad with iOS 5/6/7
  • Android Mobiles: All Mobile from Android 4.0
  • Mail / groupware clients: Thunderbird with Lightning, Outlook, Mac Mail with iCal and Address Book system.
  • Storage natively with Windows, OS X, Linux app on Android and iOS.

Complete360 – All Round Safety

SAFETY is a priority. Extra measures are taken to ensure highest standards of security in the organizational activities. No compromises are made to escalate quality of service, provided to the clients.

  • Load balancing and clustering technology for high availability.
  • Protection against password sniffing, automatic DDoS detection.
  • State of the art SSL configuration: All known attacks are blocked, PFS and HSTS used.
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